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Aljac provides specialised equipment and services to the fluid and bulk solids handling and transport industries with particular emphasis on aviation fuel storage, distribution and dispensing equipment. Our clients include the major oil companies within the United Kingdom, Germany and overseas, original equipment builders and tanker manufacturers as well as the major international airports

Our product range is constantly expanding as we strive to offer our clients the most comprehensive range of equipment, but here are brief details of our current main stock product lines. However, if you have a requirement for equipment which is not shown on the list we will always attempt to assist you.


Eaton's Carter® Aviation Refuelling Equipment.

Into aircraft pressure refuelling couplings.

Hydrant dispenser intake couplings.

Inline pressure control/deadman valves.

Tank bottom loading automatic high level cut off systems.

Fuel hydrant pit valves.

Pressure control venturis.

Unisex couplings.

Digital pressure control systems.

Full range of spare parts in stock.


Avery-Hardoll® and Liquid Controls Metering Equipment.

Positive displacement bulk meters with mechanical readouts, rate of flow indicators, preset displays and valves, ticket printers.

Electronic metering systems.

Master meters.

Control Valves.

De-aerator vessels.

Packaged metering systems.


Faudi Filtration.

API/IP1581 approved filter water separator vessels and replacement elements.

API/IP1590 approved microfilter vessels and replacement elements.

API/IP1583 approved water absorbing monitor vessels and replacement elements.

Clay filter vessels and replacement cartridges.

Industrial filter elements, band filters and precoat filters.

Electronic water monitoring systems.

Electronic filter differential pressure monitoring and control systems.


Gammon Technical Products.

Minimonitor and multi minimonitor ‘Millipore’ type contamination test kits and consumables including colormetric and gravimetric capsules.

Direct reading filter differential pressure gauges.

Fuel sampling probes and test fittings.

Spring rewind bonding reels.

Tank floating suction assemblies.

Aqua Glo kits for the measurement of water concentration in hydrocarbon fuels.

Complete range of fuel quality checking equipment.


Aljac Closed Circuit Samplers.

Aljac closed sampling jars for the visual examination of aviation fuel and general hydrocarbon fuel samples. Available in 4, 20, 80 and 160 litre sizes with optional accessories to allow water detection, density and temperature measurement. Suitable for use on aviation refuelling vehicles, tanker loading and offloading stands, and main tank sampling.


Hammonds Additive Injection Equipment.

Turbine and positive displacement driven additive injection units.

Complete additive injection systems which can be trailer, frame or vehicle mounted.

Full range of Hammonds spare parts.

Additive injection system commissioning and staff training.


Delta Deadman Systems.

Wired deadman control systems for aviation refuelling vehicles, tanker loading and offloading.

Wireless deadman control systems for aviation refuelling vehicles.


Elaflex Hoses and Trigger Nozzles.

Aircraft refuelling hoses to ISO1825.

Trigger nozzles for aviation refuelling and general petroleum duty.

Flexible pipework connections.

Hose end fittings and reducers.


Conbraco Ball Valves.

Threaded ball valves in Stainless Steel and Bronze.

L port threaded ball valves in Stainless Steel.

Deadman spring return handle ball valves in Stainless Steel and Bronze.

Ball cone and soft seat threaded non return valves in Stainless Steel.


OCV Valves.

Pilot operated control valves in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel for rate of flow control, pressure control, pressure sustaining, and solenoid operated on/off/flow modulation.

Fjord Sealing Caps and Protection Rings.

Fully sealing dust caps and protective bump rings for Carter and Meggitt into plane refuelling nozzles.

Dust caps for 3 lug ISO45 tank units.

Dust caps for API tank units.

Urethane mats for the protection of the aircraft wing during overwing refuelling operations.

High visibility Urethane strips for the protection of refuelling hoses.


Prokosch Ball Valves.

Aluminium ball valves which can be TW flanged, or TW flanged by BSP male threaded. Suitable for air, water, petroleum products, powders or granules.


FMC Sening Tanker Fittings.

Pneumatically operated Aluminium tank bottom valves for petroleum tankers and aircraft refuelling vehicles.

Pneumatically operated tanker vent valves.

Complete bottom loading systems for petroleum tankers and aviation refuelling vehicles.

Pneumatically operated Aluminium in line shut off valves.

Deadman control valves for aviation refuelling vehicles.


ECHA Microbiology.

MicrobMonitor2® microbiological contamination test kits for aviation fuel handling applications.


Fosse Fuel Spillage Control.

Complete fuel spillage containment and clean up kits in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Bagged fuel spill kits.

Oil absorbent pads for small scale spillages.

Oil absorbent socks for spillage containment purposes.


Miscellaneous Aviation Refuelling and Petroleum Tanker Products.

Hand rewind and spring bonding reels for powder tankers, hazardous waste tankers, chemical tankers, aviation refuelling vehicles and fixed fuel depot applications.

Copper braid cored clear PVC and high visibility green covered bonding cable.

Steel cored clear PVC covered bonding cable.

Heavy duty bonding clips, a wide range is held in stock.

Tanker earthing sockets/suzie cables and bolt on earth pins.

Static earth system continuity testers.

Hand rewind lanyard reels for aviation refuelling vehicles.

Steel cored red PVC covered aviation lanyard cable with or without fitted ends and carbine hook.

Hand rewind electric deadman reels for aviation refuelling vehicles.

Deadman handswitches, coiled twin core orange suzie cables and associated weatherproof plugs and sockets.

Battery isolation switches, boost plugs and sockets for aviation refuelling vehicles.

ATEX approved lamps with clear or coloured lenses for use on aviation refuelling vehicles.

Automatic air eliminators.

Aviation hydrant dispenser air\fuel sense hose.

Hosereels, hand and power rewind.

Fuel sample collection and recovery tanks and complete systems, mobile of fixed.

Pit flags and flag poles for the clear identification of aviation fuel hydrant pits during refuelling operations.

High visibility hydrant dispenser intake hose sleeves.

Jet A1 and Avgas colour coded hose sleeves to identify the fuel grade during overwing aviation refuelling.


General Pipeline and Depot Construction Products.

Sandwich pattern non return valves in Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel.

Sandwich pattern butterfly valves, in Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.

Basket strainers in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Composite wire reinforced hoses for tanker and rail car loading and offloading.

Sight flow indicators for use in pipework systems. Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel, flanged or threaded.

Kamlok couplings in Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Brass.

Threaded BSP hose couplings, dust\drip caps and connectors in Aluminium, Gunmetal and Stainless Steel.

Pressure gauges manufactured from Stainless Steel, dry or Glycerine filled.

De-aerator vessels and high capacity air release heads.


Fuel Handling And Quality Control Products.

Clear glass jars for fuel sampling.

Wire carrying cages for glass jars.

Stainless Steel buckets for fuel sampling, 8, 10, 12 or 15 litre capacity with bonding wire and clip.

Brass heavy duty bonding clips/cables for sampling buckets and aviation refuelling nozzles.

Hydrometers and thermometers for fuel density measurement and associated ASTM density correction tables.

Hydrometer jars, glass and plastic.

Water detector capsules and syringes.

Water finding paste and paper for fuel systems.

Fuel finding dip paste.

Fuel sample retention and transport containers, 1 litre and 5 litre capacity, epoxy lined tinplate, available with associated transport cartons. IATA approved for transport of fuel samples by air.

Fuel sample retention containers, epoxy lined tinplate, wire sealable for general fuel sample retention.

Fuel contamination test kits and colormetric/gravimetric capsules and membranes.

Tank dip tapes.

Tank sample thief, Stainless Steel, 1 litre.

Pressure test pumps and associated threaded adapters.

Emcee fuel conductivity meters.

Sealing wire, lead seals and sealing pliers.

Stainless Steel locking wire.

Nitrile gloves for fuel handling and equipment maintenance duties.

Self adhesive decals and tapes for fuel grade marking on pipelines and tanks.


Systems and Servicing.

Additive injection systems, trailer or skid mounted.

Fuel dispensing, filtration and metering systems, trailer or skid mounted.

Fuel test rigs.

Master meter trailers.

Towable aviation refuelling bowsers.

Closed sampling and product recovery systems for aircraft refuelling vehicles, fuel depots and main storage tank farms.

Servicing and overhaul of our complete range of fuel handling equipment and systems.


Customer Training and Certification.

Fully certified maintenance and overhaul training on all items of our product range, including Eaton's Carter® range of ground fuelling equipment, Avery-Hardoll meters, Faudi Aviation fuel filtration and Elaflex hoses.